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Student Placement Process

School Placement Process & Classroom change

Dear Parents,

We are fortunate to have an excellent staff of teachers at Issaquah Valley Elementary School. I am confident that your child is placed in a wonderful class. All of our teachers provide a warm and inviting classroom where your child will be challenged, find success and gain confidence.

The process used to assign students is a comprehensive one. As a staff, we take the responsibility of class placement very seriously. Beginning in the spring, and continuing through the summer, many factors are considered in the process of placing every child. This includes adjustments necessary in the summer to incorporate new students. If you are new to Issaquah Valley and have only recently registered, please realize these factors were considered as closely as possible in placing your child in the classroom that best meets his/her needs. Such factors include:

  • The program needs of the student;
  • A balance of achievement levels in reading and math;
  • Independent work habits of students;
  • Behavior factors regarding students;
  • Information from parents and teachers;
  • Classroom configuration; and the ratio of girls to boys.

Early in September the District staff and Principal will review staffing based on increases or decreases in enrollment. If significant enrollment changes emerge, then we would need to make building changes in class sections. With the exception of such enrollment issues, parental concerns and requests for changes in classroom placement must follow a clear process and are considered very carefully.


Vanessa A. Garcia