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Message from Principal Garcia

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Dear IVE Families and Students,

As we begin the last two weeks before our Winter Break. I would like to take a moment to remind our families and students of some important school expectations.


· We follow the Cougar Code in all areas of the school and on the bus. This means showing respect, responsibility, safety, and kindness to others.

· The Equity Pledge cards that all students and staff signed in November are displayed on the walls inside IVE. By making this commitment, we pledged to treat all people different from us with kindness and respect.

· Come to school on time and ready to learn and with a growth mindset.

· Pay attention to adult directions and ask questions if you don’t understand.


Traffic reminders- Please be safe in our parking lot and drop off lines

· Supervision begins at 9:00 am (please do not drop off students earlier)

· Please follow staff directions during arrival and dismissal

· Do not pull over on Newport Way to drop off students, this is a busy road and is not safe.

Home/school support reminders:

· Students learn best with a goodnight sleep and a healthy breakfast. IVE does offer breakfast as part of our food services. For more information, visit the ISD website.

· Student attendance is crucial to academic success and social/emotional growth. Starting the day on time helps with students' routine and ability to regulate the rest of their day.

· Communication between school and home is important. Please stay up to date with classroom and school news.

Thank you for your continued partnership and support.

Vanessa Garcia